Melissa Cain

Indianapolis, Indiana |

Artist Statement

I am a self-taught artist with over 20 years of painting experience. Although I have always been artistic, I didn’t get back into painting until my neurologist suggested I get a hobby to help with my seizures. I have heard that epilepsy can stimulate creativity. It was then that I embraced my epilepsy as a positive, which allowed me to be free in my artistic process. In 2012, I began painting regularly to relieve stress and help with my epilepsy. Since then, I have been teaching art and experimenting with various mediums and techniques.

When I begin a project, I typically don’t have a plan in mind. I am inspired by certain colors, a specific subject, or items I want to incorporate into my work. I love art that has a texture or appears to be 3D. Most recently, I have been creating with epoxy resin. Each piece has multiple layers of resin and color to create a cool effect. I am always experimenting with new things. 

I’m passionate about the therapeutic and healing values of art, mainly abstract art, because it gives the ultimate freedom of expression. My goal is to inspire others to express themselves by being creative and to help them appreciate art.