Jane Deal

Hagerman, Idaho | jane.plainjane.deal@gmail.com

Artist Statement

Fri-zure,’ I wanted to draw from Frida Kahlo’s use of her medical issues in her work. She typically would use blood, casts, nails, and tears to exhibit what she was going through. Those of us with epilepsy rarely show signs of what we are going through unless we have a seizure. I tried to use the same idea in my version of Frida by showing the seizures (bolts), tears, confusion, and constant use of medications. The flowers in her hair are made from the paperwork that comes with these medications to explain the side effects, which is also a constant issue with epilepsy.

For 38 years, I have been dealing with epilepsy, which started when I was 19. I try to use mixed media to explain what a person with epilepsy sees and experiences during a seizure. My artistic goal is to pull others in with the visual representations to help them better understand and discuss the disease. I have also developed a website to assist family and friends in this same way.