Kaitlyn Keely

Chicago, Illinois | k.keelyphotography@gmail.com

Artist Statement

As an artist, I am constantly inspired by the beauty surrounding us, both in the natural world and human experience. My work seeks to capture the joy and optimism that can be found even in the darkest times and remind viewers of life’s inherent goodness. During the covid pandemic, I wanted to bring some color into the world. There was so much darkness, and the unknown was happening. I started to manipulate photos into Andy Warhol-inspired pieces of digital art. 

I believe that art has the power to heal and uplift and that by focusing on the brighter side of life, we can create a more positive and compassionate world. Through my use of vibrant colors, and whimsical imagery, I aim to create pieces that bring a sense of hope and happiness to those who view them and to myself. Of course, it’s essential to acknowledge and work through the negative emotions that come with difficult times. But by staying open to the positive, I can find the strength and courage to keep moving forward, even in the darkest moments, like having brain surgery to remove a mass on my cerebellum.

Whether I am painting a portrait or an abstract composition, my goal is always the same: to capture the essence of joy and optimism in every moment of life. I hope my work inspires others to see the beauty in their lives and always look on the brighter side of things.