Janet Lee

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia| sales@janetcorner.com

Artist Statement

She Made Me Shine

Joyce Moi (Janet’s mother)

Janet was not just a daughter but a guiding star that illuminated our paths and brought meaning to our lives. Her indomitable spirit, resilience, and unwavering determination inspired us all.

In the face of her illness, her intractable epilepsy, she showed us what true strength meant. As her caregiver, I learned to stand strong and face the challenges head-on. Each hospital visit became an opportunity to grow, to learn the intricacies of different medicines, and to understand their effects. Through her illness, I discovered the depths of my courage and resilience.

Despite the obstacles she faced, Her burning desire to learn sparked a fire within me. I delved into the depths of knowledge, searching for answers, and exploring different avenues to support her education. This journey led me to become a parent coach, guiding others who faced similar struggles. Her determination motivated me to help others on their own journeys of discovery.

She yearned for recognition, to be seen and acknowledged for who she truly was. This compelled me to search tirelessly for ways to provide her with opportunities to thrive, despite her medical, intellectual, and developmental challenges. Her love for colours, combining shades that seemed to clash, became harmonious, calming, and happy art pieces that sparked her audience’s creativity and joy. She was a guiding light, a source of inspiration that drove me to find avenues where she could express her creativity while managing her unique obstacles. 

Her unyielding desire to graduate, to walk proudly alongside her sister and cousins, fuelled my determination. It pushed me to explore every possible option to seek solutions to help her achieve her dreams. Each step forward was fuelled by her hunger for success, constantly pushing me to strive for more, to never settle for what was already in place.

Today, let us remember her not only for the challenges she faced but for her immense strength and resilience. She taught us the power of unwavering determination, the beauty of embracing one’s passions, and the importance of supporting those who strive for recognition and opportunity.

Her light will forever shine in our hearts, reminding us to embrace life’s challenges with grace and courage. She made me shine, and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

She will forever be loved and remembered by me, her Dad, sister, and niece. 

Despite living with intractable epilepsy and being cognitively disabled, Janet made the impossible possible. In 2011, under her mother’s guidance, she began Janet’s Cookies, Art & Craft House and opened her first outlet Janet’s Corner, in 2015. Unable to read or write until she was 16, Janet, at age 27, received a Diploma in Small Business Management. In April 2017, Janet joined VIDA (a US-based online fashion house) as one of their designers, transforming her beautiful paintings into attractive apparel and fashion accessories. In 2020, Janet Lee Gallery was opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia showcasing Janet’s collection of art and products. The popularity of Janet’s beautiful art grew to adorn the walls of many homes across the globe!