Dotty Pedi

Hudson, New Hampshire |

Artist Statement

Epilepsy has been a lifetime struggle for me: dealing with the constant fear of having a seizure, the horrible auras that come and go quickly (which are just as bad as having a seizure), the drug trials, the side effects from the medicines used, and the added stress of what others will think of me when they find out I have epilepsy. 

Twenty years ago, I had a partial lobectomy on my “creative side” and was told I may never draw again. Instead, I am a better artist; I am much more creative and discovered that just about anything can be turned into art. I’m very thankful my talent has remained intact; it is my daily escape. 

‘Stop Clowning Around’ is very personal. Most people are not aware I have epilepsy. The clown costume allows me to hide behind the most awful, unfair disease associated with stigma and shame. I want to take my makeup off and show the world who I really am and what I have to offer.