Gabriella Prego ‘Gabi’

Medfield, Massachusetts |

Artist Statement

As an artist, I work hard to develop paintings, prints, and all my art that speak to me and others about the beauty of being there in the moment. Before I begin working, part of my process is to study and understand what I am showing. I like to capture moments and memories that make people understand more about the underlying meaning. The pictures I sketch are things I see every day. I see people trying to find their way in life and people that are enjoying life. I want people to understand we are all different. I want people to see how our society is not just watching but doing something more to improve it. 

How did I decide on these pieces of art? It goes back to how I grew up loving animals and any living creature. I also tried every sport, and one I stuck with was dance. I had to paint a self-portrait, but not like a selfie; it had to be more about how I preserve myself inside. 

Gabrielle Prego’ Gabi’ was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of four.  She struggled in school but always loved art. She had to take a few breaks from school to better her health. But she doesn’t give up on school or anything she focuses on. She will get a fine arts bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2024. She is very interested in helping others through art.