Maribal Quezada

Artist Statement

In 2006, I was diagnosed with adult-onset epilepsy. Then in 2009, I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease and secondary Raynaud’s syndrome, two autoimmune diseases. They collectively make focusing, memory recall, and living in cold climates a bit challenging.  As for the climate, someday I expect to retire in a nice, warm city, but Chicago is just so darn amazing.

When looking for a program where I could use art as a therapeutic outlet  (I was previously involved in a program where we used various creative outlets as poetry, sketching, collage) to help patients living with epilepsy express how they are feeling.  This is where I came upon Hidden Truths Project.

I have a varied career working as a business owner, in strategic communications, branding, tech and previously in management consulting and public relations. I make time to serve the communities where I reside whenever possible and have been very fortunate to work across the employment spectrum – from corporate, agency, dot com to volunteering for several NGO’s.