Hannah Ruark

Chicago, IL | hcruark@gmail.com

Artist Statement

My art is fueled by my emotion as well as my state of mind. Epilepsy does play a role in my art. When I have a seizure, I tend to draw what I’m feeling about it after the seizure ends. 

‘Zag’ stylized is a piece that focuses on the main character from the video game Hades. He’s a character that constantly has to start anew every time he dies, yet despite it all he remains confident and determined. Those were emotions that really resonated with me since every time I have a seizure, I lose memories. Being able to “reset” yet still have confidence is something I wish I had. 

‘Tired’ is a piece that was based on my emotions from everything going on in the world, as well as my epilepsy. Stress and lack of sleep are my triggers.