Angie Stimson

West Hollywood, California |

Artist Statement

I really feel that my art does define me, how can it not? Each piece is a reflection on the story of my epilepsy and where it has taken me at that particular moment. The hidden is made visible by the need to create and tell my internal story. On days where my brain and body are completely exhausted, it is easier to work using the gentle energy of my dogs. Then on the days I feel good, vibrant again, able to hold a conversation without the interruption of weird feelings of derealization, of strange auras, and feeling like all this has happened before. I want to go out into the world and make a statement that I feel good, I feel better. But in  “Chromatic “Neurostorm,” even my lipstick carries the image of EEG brainwave activity.  A  constant reminder that, no matter how good I feel at that moment, epilepsy is a part of my life, always lurking in the background. But I leave the house, anyway, hoping for the best.


  • Elegance Unspoken: Portrait of a Gentle Greyhound

  • Chromatic Neurostorm