Julie Thompson-Dobkin

San Francisco, California | hiddentruthsproject@gmail.com

Artist Statement

Art’s uniqueness lies in its ability to communicate complex internal experiences. It can fill in the gaps of knowledge accessible regardless of one’s written or spoken language, allowing for the invisible to be made visible. 

Chaos = complete disorder and confusion

Chaos narrative = Chaos feeds on the sense that no one is in control and that lack of control is feared by individuals. Those on the outside like to reimagine that if they were to fall into the same situation, they would have solutions to get out, however, with chaos, there is no way out. Arthur Frank                                         

Many times, life unfolds in ways, which preclude what was anticipated, disrupting one’s sense of peace, order, and control. All of which can elicit internal anxiety, fear, defying our understanding. Chaos presents itself.   When restitution is not possible, one must take their fragmented life and piece it back together, to embrace the chaos, and create a new narrative to be heard. Others are called to listen, and then and then alone, can understanding and acceptance ensue.

My work as a neurologist was built upon order, completion of tasks, and extreme focus, dissecting out details of a patient’s history.  Neurology is a puzzle, solved by piecing fragments to complete a whole story of the evolving disruption in the brain. My art form is called assemblage. When allowed to be experiment, discordant objects take on new meaning. The individual objects pieced together to complete a different story. Chaos becomes ordered and a new narrative evolves.