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Through our initiatives, such as Mindful Art workshops, Arts & Healing Scholarship, film series, wellbeing forums, and national exhibits, we endeavor to break down barriers and instigate positive change for those affected by epilepsy.

Hidden Truths Projects goals are deeply rooted in providing a voice for those who navigate the challenges of epilepsy, fostering community building, and enlightening the public about the realities of living with this condition.

Please join us for one of our 1:26 The Art of Epilepsy exhibits listed below as we celebrate our global community of individuals with epilepsy who share their creative voices as we DEMYSTIFY EPILEPSY THROUGH EDUCATION to impact positive change and wellbeing within the communities that we serve.



If Not Us, Then Who?

If Not Us, Then Who? The Transformative Powers of Art in Epilepsy Those whose lives are affected by epilepsy have had their voices stifled by ignorance,  prejudice, and stigma since the beginning of time. Hidden Truths Project (HTP) was  established to encourage and empower individuals afflicted by this condition, to provide through a creative narrative their lived  experiences to raise awareness and educate the public the…
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