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The Story of Hidden Truths Project

Hidden Truths Project (HTP) was founded in 2012 by Dr. Julie Thompson-Dobkin. In its inception, the focus was on art exhibits composed of artwork by individuals with epilepsy. The exhibits became a means to illustrate and share their lived experiences to abolish societal barriers and misconstrued bias regarding this complex disorder. The initial work began in southern California drawing primarily from artists across United States. Within two years, it became a global movement with bi-coastal events featuring artists from across the U.S. as well as Australia, Canada, China, Africa, Ireland, Mexico, Jamaica, Spain, Sweden, India, the U.K., Philippines and Malaysia, each expressing their unique perspective through creative storytelling.

Expanding Our Reach

After ten years of successful fundraising and contributing over $500,000 to epilepsy research, advocacy programs, and scholarships for individuals with epilepsy, the global pandemic presented a time of great uncertainty. Significant health inequities here and abroad, along with acts of racial injustice within our borders, revealed the opportunity to expand our reach.

We embraced the new challenges presented by expanding our online presence, allowing continued engagement with our supporters and global partners. We redirected our resources to cultivate new programming, including a virtual gallery from the art exhibits, remote Mindful-based Art Workshops, an Empowerment scholarship program for graduating seniors/adults pursuing educational opportunities in the arts, health-related fields, or advocacy programs, and a film series, If Not Us, Then Who?


Founding of Hidden Truths Project


Global reach across 6 continents


Cultivated virtual gallery


Officially raised over $500,000 for Epilepsy research


Gallery art available for sale online
“Storytelling, painting, carving …all of the arts…help us understand the world around us by transforming research participants and data points into shared human experiences. Visual arts provide a history of who we were, and a vision of who we might become.”
– A. Rafael Johnson
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