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Meet Our 2023 Artists

Hidden Truths Project (HTP) is proud to present our selected artists for 2023. View work(s) of these artists in person at our gallery events. Click on a specific artist to view available art for purchase.

Jackson, Kat

Kostelny, Alysha

Kuyumjian, Stella

Lida, Nancy

Malhinha, Berta

McCumber, Nicholas

Mellow, Laura

Axelrod, Lauren

Malone, Ryan

Iida-Musashi, Henry

Lee, Janet

Lim, Dennis

Leviton Gondek, Diana

Farley, Bryan

Dal, Myron

Deal, Jane

Buck, Miggy

Brown, Sarah

Machale, Amy

Mullett, Kim

Adamson, Lara

Arlook, Debe

O’Neill, Maureen

Ortiz, Andrew

Pedi, Dotty

Plung, Nathan

Pratt, Allison

Prego, Gabriella ‘Gabi’

Quezada, Maribel

Reed, Bryony

Ruark, Hannah

Newell Russo, Renee

Schafer, Seth

Smith, Jeremy Ryan

Sudlesky, Linda

Thompson-Dobkin, Julie

Washnieski, Natalie

Cain, Melissa

Prego, Teresa

Wadzinski, Eva Violet

Stimson, Angie

Keely, Kaitlyn

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