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From The Inside Out: Literary Perspectives of Epilepsy

The Advent Of Epilepsy Directed Neurosurgery The Early Pioneers And Who Was First

Although I am not a literary critic nor a prolific reader, there are several books which I deem highly worthy of reading.  This holds true for individuals with an interest in the subject matter and for anyone who seeks well-written non-fiction.

As a neurologist working with an indigent population (many with epilepsy), having a personal connection with epilepsy, a novice artist, and founder of the non-profit, Hidden Truths Project, Art of Epilepsy program, each of the following books have impacted me on various levels.

Below are five books, each with a with unique storyline, told by those whose lives have been impacted by epilepsy.  As the prose unfolds on the page, the reader is provided with unparalleled insight into the layered complexity of epilepsy and the brain.  The various stories encompass the anthropological aspects of epilepsy; the impact of epilepsy on family dynamics; the graphically rendered reflection of epilepsy told through the perspective of a younger sib; a memoir from an individual with epilepsy confronted with stigma, discrimination, and abuse; and a poetically written autobiography, by an author whose body and mind is consumed by epilepsy, medication side effects, and a brain tumor.

All to reveal the truths of epilepsy from the inside-out.