Epilepsy is the 4th most common neurological condition in the U.S. after migraine, stroke, and Alzheimer’s Disease, affecting 3 million people nationally and 65 million people worldwide. Despite significant scientific progress, new pharmacologic therapies, surgical advances and new implantable devices, 1/3 patients continue to suffer from seizures and 1/3 patients have side effects related to seizure control medications. Epilepsy can impact one’s ability to work, drive, engage in social relationships, and function independently.

Seized: Inside the Mystery of Epilepsya production by Partisan Pictures and appearing on PBS, transports you through the lives of four individuals who suffer from epilepsy. The documentary features interviews with experts in the field who discuss the advances being made to unlock the many unknowns surrounding this condition.

Hidden Truths Project is proud to be a national partner on this project. Art from Hidden Truths, the Mind Unraveled is featured in the documentary. For a full engagement guide from the film, in addition to information on the documentary’s producers and trailer, please visit the site.

“Seized is both an incredibly moving documentary and one that accurately reflects the truths of this condition. The challenges, the fears, the sense of isolation, and the endless search for answers – all as one seeks normality. As a neurologist and a mother of a child with epilepsy, the documentary truly represents the realities of epilepsy and the future of management with a distinct sense of optimism and hope.” Said Dr. Julie Thompson-Dobkin, Director of Studies for TKI