January 3rd through March 6th, work from the third annual Hidden Truths, the Mind Unraveled will be featured at the National Institutes for Health.

The National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD is known worldwide as one of the premier bio-medical research facilities. Little known, but of great importance, is the leadership role NIH and FFA has played in the arts in healthcare movement for 30 years. FFA has worked to build the permanent art collection containing 2,000 works of art displayed in patient rooms and common areas as well as producing exhibitions six times a year in numerous galleries throughout the facility. Artists from across the country with a focus on the Washington, DC art community have shown an impressive variety of media from fiber, photography, watercolor, glass and calligraphy to large-scale contemporary paintings, with 20% of the proceeds of sales donated to the Patient Emergency Fund. The art program has raised over $70,000 to the Patient Emergency Fund, which assists patients and families in need. The permanent collection is a mixture of purchased and donated artwork. This collection has ensured NIH remains a healing environment while also strengthening the bond between NIH and the local community.

Adin Dobkin, CEO of the Kant Institute, stated:

“We are tremendously excited that NIH approached us to contribute to their gallery, but we are even more excited that the artists who worked tirelessly to contribute to the Mind Unraveled exhibition will have the opportunity to showcase their work to an active and involved audience in the national medical community.  

The work that we undertake at TKI is inherently collaborative in nature.  Particularly with our Hidden Truths initiative, much of our success hinges upon the stimulation of a public discussion surrounding the issue at hand.  Through this exhibition, we hope that another key voice will join us as we seek to expand the scope of our work surrounding art and education in the coming years.”

Work from Hidden Truths, the Mind Unraveled will be featured at:

Alcove Gallery, Building 10
The National Institutes for Health
Bethesda, MD

The exhibition is open to the public, free of charge.

Photo Credit: Gus Cummins