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Therapeutic Photography Workshop

| 2 – 90 minute sessions | 15 person capacity |

In this two-part workshop Alison Beaumont, Artist and Therapeutic Photographer will act as our facilitator and guide us through an interactive photography activity. The sessions will provide a moment of self-reflection, individual expression through use of (none other than a common object most of use many times a day) the lens of your iPhone.

The Experience:

Alison will provide us with techniques to guide us to slow down, connect with the environment, and show how to use photography as a therapeutic tool.

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About Alison Beaumont

Earning her Therapeutic Photography Post-Graduate Certificate from RGU (Scotland), she will use her expertise to provide photo-based sessions, particularly for therapeutic purposes. Harnessing one’s artistic potential to inspire, empower, and foster a deeper understanding of our environments and collective action to impact change.

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