Hidden Truths Project is extremely honored to be represented in the recent publication, Visions: The Inspirational Journey of Epilepsy Advocates and listed among a renown group of individuals who have taken this journey. Visions include 48 individuals whose lives have been impacted by epilepsy either as an individual with epilepsy, a family member or caregiver and their motivation to positively impact the lives of individuals across the spectrum living with this condition.  The focus is on impacting change through education and raising awareness, empowerment, healthcare and research, fundraising, or advocacy programs.  The book also addresses issues as rare forms of epilepsy and Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP).  Each section, a personal journey, but the impact widespread and pertinent to bring epilepsy out of the shadows.

Visions provides a compelling, powerful view of epilepsy from the perspective of those who have transformed medical challenges into opportunities to help others.  These advocates are the true heroes of epilepsy care. This is their story.” – Orrin Devinsky, MD, Director of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at NYU

As we embark upon 2020, please join Hidden Truths Project in support of our work as we continue to engage the broader population to educate and foster understanding and empathy, as well as to address social and economic injustices often directed towards underserved members of society through our Mindful Art Workshops for youth and adults with epilepsy, national art exhibits, and scholarship program for youth with epilepsy to attend the Coehlo Epilepsy Youth Summer Camp.

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Art Credits  Ingrid Pfau: Spinal Aura Connection      Anthony Brigance-Cook: Apricot Totem